“I wish schools taught how to manage money.”

“How can I start saving if I can’t even make this month’s rent?”

“I want financial stability, but I also want a more fulfilling job. How do I get both?”


Sound familiar?

BE Budget Explorers provides a safe space for you to explore your core beliefs about money, discover your power, and implement an action plan in order to bring your dreams into reality.

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The mission of B.E. Budget Explorers is to empower people to reach their financial goals. As a client, you will reflect on what you want in life, and use that as a foundation for creating, revising, and maintaining a budget.

BE offers a sliding scale on a case by case basis for financial hardship.

How do I get started?

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One-on-One Coaching

Looking for a safe space to explore your beliefs about money and develop your budget to help you reach your dreams? Our one-on-one coaching helps you create a budget tailored to fit your life and dreams, bringing you closer to your vision of success.


Bite-Sized Basics: 90 Days to a Better Budget

A three-month intensive budgeting program, designed to help you create the budget that will help you achieve your goals.


College Budgeting 101

B.E. Budget Explorers’ College Budgeting 101 is available to all college students preparing to make a significant change — from starting college, to graduating or transferring, or even changing majors.

Whether you want to feel more confident handling your money or just want to be prepared to answer that all-too-familiar (and still very important) question, “So what are you doing next?”, this is the course for you.

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