#HeadStartOnNewYears, Week 4

Daily Bites is a series of reflections which post on the Patreon for BE Budget Explorers every day. The theme for December is #HeadStartOnNewYears, budget reflections and activities to prepare to create and complete awesome New Year’s resolutions for our budgets.

Hi, everyone!


Happy Saturday!


Here is your #HeadStartOnNewYears – Week 4 journal. I hope you’re enjoying the reflections. Please print a copy for a friend if you think they’d find it helpful.


So, one benefit of being a patron is, of course, getting earlier access to the weekly journals and other materials, but another perk is: You get your name on the thank you page of all of the main products created while you’re a patron.


Since the $7+ patrons get access to the entire monthly and weekly bundles on the first day of the month, the deadline to be on the thank you pages in January is in just a couple days: December 26.


Please consider sharing this and becoming a patron, to get all the stuff mentioned above, and also to help me keep creating it and providing the sliding scale to budget coaching clients as necessary.



To listen to the reflections the day they come out, follow on Patreon.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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