#HeadStartOnNewYears, Week 5

Daily Bites is a series of reflections which post on the Patreon for BE Budget Explorers every day. The theme for December is #HeadStartOnNewYears, budget reflections and activities to prepare to create and complete awesome New Year’s resolutions for our budgets.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


For obvious reasons, this concludes our #HeadStartOnNewYears series, and today’s reflection is to create budgetary New Year’s resolutions for 2017 — and determine what you will do in this upcoming week to work on them.


Here’s the #HeadStartOnNewYears – Week 5.


Feel free to print it (or previous ones) out for yourself and others. ­čÖé


To listen to┬áthe reflections the day┬áthey come out, follow on Patreon. (Also, if you like the journal, it’s available to all patrons┬áat the start of the week or earlier, for as little as $1/month — and you’d be helping to create them!)

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