#LiveYourValues, Week 2

Hello, everyone!

Attached, you’ll find a copy of the Week 2 Journal.

#LiveYourValues, Week 2 Journal

And a quick note: you know how the e-book has the dedication page thanking all the patrons? And these journals have patrons’ names on the thank you page as well? Well, the last day to get your name on the February thank you pages is tomorrow, 1/15, so head over to patreon.com/bebudgetexplorers and become a patron today 🙂



Text me at:




Regarding sharing this content: if you know someone who would enjoy Daily Bites, please send them a link to the Patreon page, order them an ebook/paperback — or print out the Monthly Calendar, a Weekly Journal, or Weekly Booklet, preferably once all patrons have had a chance to see them.

Please let me know if you use Daily Bites for a group or a class — mostly because I want to know that my work is helpful for people, but also because it’s useful for me to be able to describe the impact of my work.

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