#LiveYourValues, Week 3

Hello, everyone!

Attached, you’ll find a copy of the Week 3 Journal.

#LiveYourValues, Week 3 Journal

The February ebook and paperback journal are now available on Amazon, and (spoiler alert) February will revisit the #LongTermFinancialGoal from December, which is why, in a few days, you’ll also be able to get the December ebook (for free!) and paperback (cheaper than 2017 months). Amazon is offering free shipping for orders of $25 or more of qualifying paperback books, which includes all of the Daily Bites books.

You can also subscribe for free on Patreon or iTunes.



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Regarding sharing this content: if you know someone who would enjoy Daily Bites, please send them a link to the Patreon page, order them an ebook/paperback — or print out the Monthly Calendar, a Weekly Journal, or Weekly Booklet, preferably once all patrons have had a chance to see them.

Please let me know if you use Daily Bites for a group or a class — mostly because I want to know that my work is helpful for people, but also because it’s useful for me to be able to describe the impact of my work.

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