Summer Budget

Followers of Falling for Knowledge can access our summer discount of up to 90% off for 3 months!


For 2 sessions per month, you could get the discounted rate of:

$15/month for the first 5 people
$25/month for the next 10 people
$40/month — TBD
$60/month — TBD


See details in the Falling for Knowledge post below:

Falling for Knowledge

Hello, friends of Falling for Knowledge!

Despite recent rain in my area, it is really starting to feel like summer these days. I’m starting to feel that urge to fill my days with things that bring me joy — yes, that includes computer games… But it also includes budget coaching! Actually, I’d much rather be coaching than almost anything else (except cuddling cats, I’m sorry but one really has to draw the line somewhere, you know).

My current rates/deals for 50-minute sessions:

Regular price (1 session at a time): $150/session
Best bulk deal (12 sessions/month): $81.25/session
8-session bundle: $100/session
4-session bundle: $125/session

So, here’s the deal. I know that many of the people who need budgeting the most can’t afford to pay for coaching sessions in bulk to get the best deals, so I’d like to offer some even better deals to readers of this blog.

What’s the deal?

6 sessions: 3…

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