So you’ve explored the site a bit,  and you’re wondering where to begin…


Step 1: Schedule


Budget coaching is different for everyone, because everyone is different.

The constant: questions.

It is my job to ask clarifying questions, to discover together where you are going for your budgeting journey, and to help you find the resources and confidence to take the next step.

What are some of these questions?

Take advantage of the free 30-minute consultation to find out for yourself.

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Step 2: Explore


Once you’ve scheduled your initial consultation, I recommend checking out the plans and bundles available.

This will give you a bit of a head start on some of our discussion towards the end of the free consultation.

As with most life coaching, the benefits of budget coaching are seen over time. Just how much time will vary from client to client, from goal to goal, but a good estimate is around three months for the benefits to fully emerge.

As you’ll see, the plans are designed to allow for that flexibility…

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Step 3: Reflect


If you are looking for more things to do before your initial consultation, feel free to check out Daily Bites budgeting reflections, both in podcast and journal format.

(As B.E. grows, Daily Bites is in a sort of… reimagining stage. My priority is serving my clients to the best of my ability, and I know that Daily Bites will continue to be a part of that process. Even though the podcast is on a sort of spring break, you can still check out the past podcast episodes or choose a previous month’s journal to work through at your leisure.)

Reflect, journal, brainstorm


(Breathe… You can do this.)