College to Career

B.E. Budget Explorers’ College to Career program is available to all college students preparing to make a significant change — from graduating to transferring colleges, or even changing majors.

Be ready to answer that all-too-familiar (and still very important) question: “So what are you doing next?”


A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended for this program, in order to address the following topics.

  1. Living within your means, including:
    • not gaining more debt
    • paying off debt
    • saving for emergencies
    • saving for the future
  2. Plans under way to deal with necessities, including:
    • employment
    • housing
    • meals
    • health
    • debt
    • transportation
  3. Setting yourself up for success:
    • hidden job market
    • networking
    • skills, knowledge
    • experience
    • informational interviews
    • your ideal workplace
    • target income
    • managing expectations


Within 4-8 sessions, each of these topics should have an action plan prepared, if not already in progress.


*Pricing for College to Career is the same as the one-on-one coaching bundle prices, found here. BE offers a sliding scale on a case by case basis for financial hardship, supplemented by the generous support of Patreon members.